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Official forum of the Sentinel Owners and Pilots Association - a group d edicated to the ownership, maintenance, restoration and history of the Stinson L-5 Sentinel, aka the "Flying Jeep". This is a public forum and anyone with an interest in the L-5 can participate in discussions about the ownership, maintenance, restoration and history of this venerable WWII liaison airplane. Owners and other individuals with a serious interest in the L-5 are encouraged to become full members of the Sentinel Owners & Pilots Association. VISITOR NOTE: To post a message you must be an approved subscriber. Only forum moderators can post messages on the main page (this page). General subscribers can only post messages in one of the sub-groups. In order to do so you must join the sub-group you wish to post a message in. To navigate to the sub-groups, select "Subgroups" from the menu at left if you are a desktop or laptop user. If viewing this site with a small mobile device, open the pop-up menu labeled "More" in the page footer. For more information, read the User Guide and Website Help sticky's.
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  • L-5 Maintenance and Restoration
    Stinson L-5 Maintenance and Restoration Forum
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  • Ask George
    Ask George Doig a question. George was born on December 16th, 1921. He worked for the Stinson Aircraft Company in Wayne, Michigan, from July, 1939 until January 1944 when he went off to serve in the U.S. Navy. In 1941 George was assigned to the L-5 development program and stayed with it until he joined the navy as an Ensign aboard an LSM. He briefly returned to Stinson in the latter half of 1946 before they were sold to Piper Aircraft Company. Although George turns 98 on December 16, 2019 and has already provided us with over 11 hours of detailed recorded memoirs, he will be glad to answer any questions you might have about his time at Stinson. He would also be please to chat about the other passions in his life including fly fishing,  golf (he knew some of the great pros of yesteryear), and flying (he has been licensed since 1947). He is also a fount of knowledge on Michigan history, particularly on the Detroit area, and stays abreast of current national and world events. The photo above is of EAA Warbirds magazine editor Jim Busha interviewing George at the East Troy airport in Wisconsin on June 6th this year at a small gathering commemorating the D-Day anniversary.
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  • History
    Everything Historical Relating to the Stinson L-5
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  • Stinson L-5 Buy / Sell / Trade
    L-5 Books, Parts, Projects and Aircraft Marketplace - Buy / Sell / Trade
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  • Fly-Ins, Gatherings and Other Events
    Fly-Ins, gatherings and other events of interest to L-5 forum members
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  • Sentinel Owners & Pilots Association - Members Only
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  • StinsonL5 | General-Subjects
    Post general questions and comments not covered by the other sub-groups here.
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